Sponsors & Donors


We greatly appreciate the support of our donors, who have helped us to connect artists and audiences, and to provide ongoing career guidance and resources to emerging artists. We are committed to making the Festival available to young artists, regardless of financial circumstances.


Duane Conover
Kerry Donahue and Guy Story
Newton Freeman
Gary Hickling and Dennis Moore
James Michels


Kitty Bateman
Duane Conover
Kerry Donahue and Guy Story
Karin Fong and Arjan Schütte
Elizabeth and Justus Schlichting
The Heineman Foundation

2023 Donors

Peter Askim
Jackson Bailey
An-Lin Bardin
Elizabeth Beilman
Derek Bermel
Sue Bernhard
Mei-Tsen Chen and Ronald Biderman
Simone and Les Blake
Laura and Greg Bottomley
Martin Bresnick
Whitman Brown
Kayleigh Butcher
Stephanie Collins
Duane Conover
Lori Cook
Madeleine Crouch
Miranda Cuckson
Kerry Donahue and Guy Story
Arlene and Larry Dunn
Noam Faingold
Ralph Farris
Nina Ferrigno
Bryan Fong
Karin Fong and Arjan Schütte
Lindsay Freeman in Honor of Newton Freeman
Alexander Glantz
Ashleigh Gordon
Luc Gregoire
Alexandra Grossi
Maureen Hurd Hause
Holly Hickman
Yuh-Chin Tony Huang
Sarah Jesudason
Stephen Kaye
Aaron Jay Kernis
Olga Kleiankina
Lydia Kontos
Lydia Coulter Kwee
James Leach
Cynthia Lee
Tania León
Nancy Levine
Alexia Lieu
Sandy Masur and Vic Schuster
Mary McKellar
Heather McRay
James Michels
Andrea Edith Moore
Melissa Ngan
Charlie Plowman
Bill Reed
Harumi Rhodes
William Rixon
Jinky Ang Rosselli
Suzanne Rousso
Elizabeth and Justus Schlichting
Arjan Schütte and Karin Fong
Ben Schwartz
Genie Schwartz
Nina Scolnik
Nora Shepard
Michael Spudic
Kevin Michael Sullivan
Loren Tripp
Liliya Ugay
John Whitfield
Sophia Zhou

Special thanks to The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, The Alice P. Ditson Fund at Columbia University, The Amphion Foundation, the BMI Foundation, New Music USA, The Williamson Foundation and The Heineman Foundation.