Thank you to our 2016 sponsors! 2017-01-03T14:48:53+00:00


Through your incredible generosity, our 2016 Season was a great success. We were able to make great music, collaborate with world class artists, hold our first ever composer workshop, perform in New York  AND meet 100% of student financial need!


Duane Conover


Madeleine Crouch, Sang-Hee Lee and Bryan Fong, Newt Freeman, Michael and Suzette Giannini, Dennis Moore and Gary Hickling, Karin Fong and Arjan Schutte, Kerry Donahue and Guy Story.


Chris Albee, Mei-Tsen Chen and Ronald Biderman, Roberta and Larry Dumas, Jan and Richard Goldberg,Kurt Hunciker, Maureen Hurd Hause, Dianne Engleke and Mark Liebergall, Donald Maclean, Ian Murdoch, Raymond B. Murray III, Charles Plowman, William Rixon, Loren Tripp and Bruce Ryan, Steven Schiff, Scott Schroeder, Sandy Masur and Victor Schuster, Eugenia and Morris Schwartz, Schuyler Slack, Pamela Small, Jill and John Walsh, Muneko Otani and John Whitfield, Sarah Whitney, Alan and Lois Whitney, Stephanie Yoshida
 We are grateful to our donors and invite you to join them in supporting the Next Festival. Please make a tax deductible contribution at

Special thanks to the Cornwall Foundation for their generous support of our educational outreach activities and to the Williamson Foundation for their wonderful support of student scholarships.

Thank you to Music Mountain for hosting the festival, Stewart Wolferman and Unfinished Side and Melissa Andrews for Public Relations, George Wellington and Ed Haber and Reservoir Studios for recording and to Mary O’ Brien for the wonderful food that kept us all happy!

Thanks also to Nadia Sirota for her generosity, artistry and inspiration.