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After two hugely successful seasons, we’re looking forward to an exciting week of the 2015 Next Festival of Emerging Artists at Music Mountain, with special Guest Artist Jeffrey Zeigler. Centered on a select group of only 15-20 string players, the Festival will be held from June 7-14, 2015 on the beautiful Music Mountain grounds, in Northwest Connecticut. The Next Festival is a perfect chance to focus on solo work, chamber music, audition preparation and reconnecting with the joy of music making in a highly individualized and supportive atmosphere. The week will culminate with a masterclass and chamber orchestra performance with former Kronos Quartet cellist Jeffrey Zeigler, featuring a program of American and World Premieres! The past two seasons featured the amazing string quartet ETHEL and the phenomenal cellist Matt Haimovitz as Guest Artists.



The Next Festival is a one-week, highly intensive and personalized program for string players, ages 18-30. It is a great opportunity for string players to hone their craft in a beautiful setting with great colleagues, fantastic music making and wonderful food! An incredibly generous dedication to financial assistance is the centerpiece of the festival’s mission. We are proud to have met 100% of student need in our first two seasons!

The festival’s small size means that the focus is completely on the students. Work closely with Artistic Director Peter Askim (Conductor, Raleigh Civic Symphony, former Music Director and Composer-in-Residence, Idyllwild Arts Academy) to shape a program that is uniquely tailored to you. If you want a lesson every day – great. If you just want time to practice – great. You know what you want and need – we want to help you grow as a musician and reconnect with the joy of making music! The focus is on practice time, individual coachings, entrepreneurial career strategies and contemporary music.

The festival is set up to be the “anti-festival”: it’s for great players who are on the brink of great careers to have the time, space and support to devote to their playing and thinking about their career strategies. Rather than over-scheduling the players in five-minute increments, the schedule is largely what each player wants to make it. There is a great deal of flexibility in the schedule, with plenty of time for chamber music and practice.

Fees: Best of all, the festival is based on a “pay what you can” model of finances – Our mission is to support young players trying to make a career in music. It’s important that anyone who wants to come can come and not be worried about money. We fundraise extensively to make sure that everyone’s financial needs can be met. In both 2013 and 2014, we met 100% of student need, and we are on track to do the same this season!

Artistic Director Peter Askim is a dedicated teacher, devoted to helping students. He’s had great success helping musicians of all levels get to the “next level”, whether it’s by suggesting solutions to technical problems or getting to the musical and emotional core of a new piece of music. Current and former students have often remarked that the teaching and attention they received while studying with him made a major difference in their development. Students are able to receive a lesson or coaching as often as they wish, including daily.

A typical day will consist of mornings and afternoons reserved for individual practice, a daily chamber music coaching and/or private lesson, and evening rehearsal with the chamber orchestra. Students will live at Music Mountain and will share communal, gourmet meals.

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