The Festival begins on May 27. ­​We’d like to get you checked in and be up and running at 4 p.m.

Arriving by Car?
About half of the participants usually bring cars, and it’s very helpful for transporting everyone while we are in Connecticut. If you choose to drive, we will take care of parking & car logistics in NYC.

The festival is 2­-2.5 hours from NY by car.
Don’t depend on Google Maps.

No Car?
The easiest solution is to arrive in NY and take the 11:51 a.m. Metro North to Wassaic. We will pick you up from the train station.
About half of the participants usually bring cars, and it’s very helpful for transporting everyone while we are in Connecticut. If you choose to drive, we will take care of parking & car logistics in NYC.

Clothes and . . .
Performance Wear: ​All black. New music­y. No gowns.
General: ​It’s New England so be prepared for all sort of weather. It could be really rainy and very cold. Lots of layers, umbrellas and old shoes that can get wet and muddy. Bring a rain jacket, sweatshirt or sweater. Then again, there will likely be warm and sunny days so plan for that too. With rain mixed with sunny days, and again it being New England, there’s mosquitos and the like so you may want to bring whatever helps you with those critters. Music Mountain provides linens, pillows, blankets and the like. However, feel free to bring your own blankie.
Note: Music Mountain is in a heavily wooded area! There are often many ticks during our time there– please be sure to wear close-toed shoes and pants when walking through the more wooded areas of the campus, and check yourself for ticks once you are inside. This has never caused issues with our festival, so long as we are all aware of it.

Typical schedule:
As Peter describes it, The Next Festival of Emerging Artists is almost “the anti­festival” and “more of a retreat” for participants to step away from everyday life and focus on what’s important as a musician. To that end we have a generally flexible schedule while at Music Mountain. During the first week (w/ some exceptions) your time during the day is free and open for practice and chamber music. There will be sign­ups to play for Peter (solo or chamber music) during the day. Orchestra rehearsal at 7:30 every night.
Our second week in NYC is much busier. We will be working with young composers to record new works during the first few days. Additionally, we will be working with choreographers as well as the composers to compose & choreograph new multi-disciplinary works. At the end of the week, there will be an open choreography workshop, as well as two chamber music concerts at the Met museum. Please anticipate a busier second week while we are in the city. For specific times and locations, please refer to the festival calendar (below).

Festival Calendar:

The schedule for the festival can be seen in detail here. Some details and times are still subject to change, but for the most part, it should be finalized.

Music Stuff:
Be sure to bring a wire music stand.
Stand lights are optional but very helpful.
Bring your own solo repertoire including piano parts. Our collaborative pianist, Sophiko, will be available to rehearse and perform with you.
Bring your own chamber repertoire including parts for other players and scores. [We will be able to print out rep from IMSLP.] Chamber music groups are to be set up by students. Student information and repertoire suggestions can be found here. Rehearsal time is at your discretion during the first week. The festival will perform chamber music concerts- one at the Egremont Village Inn, at the end of the first week, and two concerts at the Met in NYC, at the end of the second week. Please prepare your chamber music with these concerts in mind!
Orchestra rehearsals happen each day at 7:30 pm. Our program for the orchestra concert includes:

Jessica Meyer: Through Which We Flow
Liisa Hirsch: Ascending. Descending.

Brett Dean: And once I played Ophelia (World Premiere of String Orchestra version), Tony Arnold, Soprano

Please be sure to check out seating assignments, scores, & parts ahead of time here.

Cell service:
Be aware that cell coverage is very ​spotty. Music Mountain does have WiFi though.

Peter has spoken with all of you about the unique tuition model of the festival. He is currently raising money to pay costs for the festival which will not be covered by tuition. Please let him know as soon as you are able what you are expecting you can pay. If you are able to make payments at this point, you can send it to Peter@peteraskim.com on PayPal or make check payable to: Peter Askim, 406 Frank St., Raleigh, NC 27609. For tuition inquiries email Peter.

I will be your main contact throughout the festival. Any inquiries about logistics can be sent via email to miller.rebecca.elaine@gmail.com, or text to (309)531-8022.